Service Nation Alliance

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As a prospective client of Service Nation Alliance, you probably want to know "what it's really all about". Listed below are answers to a few of the most popular questions you might have.

Q: What is the Service Nation Alliance?

A: We're a best practices group following a proven business success format that ethically maximizes your wealth , while preparing your company for eventual sale.

Q: Why does the industry need another alliance?

A: Many contractors within the Service Roundtable felt the need to take their companies to the next level, requiring greater assistance than the Service Roundtable could provide for its low monthly fee. This higher level alliance allows a select number of like-minded contractors to network directly with industry mentors that have been-there and done-that. As a member, you can learn to grow your business using the knowledge of the group’s peer and mentor leadership.

Q: What makes the Service Nation Alliance different than other alliances?

A: The main difference is our laser like focus on building multiple exit strategies so you have options when you're ready to sell, retire comfortably or pass on your business.

Q: How will you build multiple exit strategies?

A: Anyone familiar with our business format will find it easier to absorb and/or remotely manage companies certified as adhering to the format. This makes it possible for contractors to expand geographically by acquisition, for the creation of regional roll-ups, as well as a national roll-up.

Q: Do I have to sell my business?

A: Of course not! However, the process of getting your business ready to sell necessitates the business practices and procedures that maximize your return from your company. If you pass the business along to heirs, you will pass along a better run company. Or, you may take advantage of our business format to acquire other contracting companies.

Q: What else is different?

A: We make better use of technology than other alliances and leverage the power of the Internet to give you more flexibility and to reduce your costs. For example, streaming training on demand with specific learning objectives for each module and online testing to ensure the knowledge is acquired provide you with a lower cost training approach. Internet technology allows for greater frequency of meetings (and shorter duration meetings) of our Advisory Boards.

Q: What are Contractor Advisory Boards?

A: Some Contractor Advisory Boards are small groups of contractors who voluntarily form support groups. These geographically diverse contractors do not compete with each other and freely share business and financial information. They provide mutual accountability, support, and advice, meeting online through multi-user video conferencing and in-person around other national meetings to reduce travel costs. Other Contractor Advisory Boards are ad hoc, formed to address a specific issue, such as developing a best practice approach for one aspect of the business.

Q: How does the Service Nation Alliance provide best practices?

A: We developed our business format based on contractor best practices, but what is best today will not be best tomorrow. As a result, we constantly review and improve. Contractor Advisory Boards tackle focused areas and provide the Service Nation staff with their findings. These findings are then polished, written into the business format, and introduced to the entire Service Nation Alliance with due credit given to the contractors who served on the Contractor Advisory Board.

Q: What about best practices beyond the Service Nation Alliance?

A: We literally scour the world for best practices and products with the potential of landing exclusive domestic rights for our members. Every year members are invited to attend an international trade show, such as the ISH show in Frankfurt, Interclima in Paris, Climatizacion in Barcelona, or other shows. In addition to touring the shows to find the latest global innovations, we will conduct short seminars, and international factory/contractor tours. The admission to the show and seminars are included in your membership. Travel to the show and optional excursions are extra.

Q: Does the Service Nation Alliance provide exclusivity?

A: Yes. We limit the number of contractors in a Metropolitan Statistical Area. Exceptions can only be made with the permission of the members within the MSA. Outside of MSAs, we offer exclusivity based on a reasonable county by county service area.

Q: What if my area is already sold?

A: You can purchase the right of first refusal should an opening occur, but you cannot otherwise join the Service Nation Alliance.

Q: What does my membership include?

A: We provide you with our business format, an intensive boot camp where the business format is introduced, membership in the Retail Contractor Coalition, membership in the Service Roundtable, customized marketing tools, exclusive training, exclusive conferences, technician training, staff training, MoneyMail email marketing, a performance pay system, proprietary performance dashboard, on demand training, platinum manufacturer rebates and much, much more.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We require an initial set-up fee of $11,500. The recurring dues are only $149 per week. This is less than other alliances and, in most cases, will be less than the manufacturer rebates you will receive.

Q: Who owns the Service Nation Alliance?

A: We are part of Service Nation Inc., which also owns the Service Roundtable. Service Nation Inc. was founded by a group of contractors seeking ways to improve the industry. None of the shareholders is a manufacturer, utility, energy company, or other entity that might entertain a conflict with the direct success of our contractor members.